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    PhotoSynthesis Productions is an award-winning documentary film studio and full-service media production company offering complete film, video, & DVD production services, including acquisition in high definition digital video, animation, editing, motion graphics, and interactive educational media platform construction (MOOCs, etc.).


    We are dedicated to using the power of film for education & social justice to promote a better world.

  • Pieces of A Woman Birth Consultant Elan McAllister & WCW Spotlight Deborah Hoard Women Crush Wednesdays - New York Women In Film & Television • Jul 7

    Women Crush Wednesdays - New York Women in Film and Television - podcast interview w/ PSP President Deborah C. Hoard

    "This week Kelsey Marsh talks with birth consultant Elan McAllister about her work on the film Pieces of A Woman and trying to change how birthing scenes are portrayed on screen. In our Woman Crush Wednesdays Member Spotlight, Deborah Hoard is crushing it."

    Civil Warriors

    CIVIL WARRIORS is a feature film about the experiences of two black families from upstate New York -- fathers and sons who enlisted in the United States Colored Troops (USCT) and fought in the American Civil War. Their compelling true story unfolds through a unique interweaving of historical images with the rhythm and energy of spoken word performance. Contemporary narration guides us and provides historical context as the story unfolds.

    Move When The Spirit Says Move!

    Our upcoming film explores the life of Dorothy Cotton, Civil Rights Leader & Education Director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's.

    Struggle For Identity:

    Issues in Transracial Adoption

    STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY: ISSUES IN TRANSRACIAL ADOPTION is a thought-provoking 20-minute video presenting a group of adoptees who discuss their experiences growing up in transracial adoptive families. They delve into complex issues such as confronting stereotypes, fitting in with their culture of origin and learning to define themselves in terms of race and culture.

    RE:Thinking - A film about education in America

    What if as well as teaching students what to think, we also taught them how to think? This simple but profound idea is the foundation for RE:THINKING, the new educational documentary that inspires us to rethink schools. It gives insight to policy makers, school administrators, parents, and the public. It offers hope to those seeking more from the current educational system.


    From the Cornell Health website: The online 20-minute video Intervene includes brief filmed scenarios demonstrating ways in which student bystanders can successfully intervene in problematic situations. Seven different situations are addressed, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence (emotional abuse), hazing, alcohol emergency, emotional distress, and bias. Characters in the film represent the diverse identities of college student populations including race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.


    We're proud to have worked with Cornell Health and the Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble to produce this valuable teaching tool, now in use by over thirty universities and colleges around the country!

    Fault Lines

    About his book: Estrangement from a family member is one of the most painful life experiences. It is devastating not only to the individuals directly involved–collateral damage can extend upward, downward, and across generations, More than 65 million Americans suffer such rifts, yet little guidance exists on how to cope with and overcome them. In this book, Karl Pillemer combines the advice of people who have successfully reconciled with powerful insights from social science research. The result is a unique guide to mending fractured families.

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