• Our Philosophy

    PhotoSynthesis Productions is a little film company that exists on a big world stage. We have filmed the Dalai Lama, documented a total eclipse of the sun in Bolivia, and had our film "They Call It Myanmar" named one of the top documentaries of 2012. At the same time our work for clients like Cornell University and the National Geographic Society have won more than 200 national and international media awards.


    PSP is dedicated to using the power of film for education and social justice. For 30 years we have produced long- and short-form films that reach international audiences with diverse messages of equity and positive change. Our work is widely praised for its visual excellence, educational value, and emotional impact.


    We enjoy collaborating with clients as well as creating our own documentary and narrative projects. The films we make are designed to educate and inform, to inspire change and spark dialogue.


    Please join us in helping shape the conversation!

  • Our Team

    Deborah C. Hoard


    David Kossack

    Senior Editor & Videographer

    Jeff Hodges


    Norm Scott

    Editor/Videographer/Sound Design

    Ry Ferro


    Ken C. Hill

    Social Media Manager/Web

    Ella Ornstein

    Outreach Coordinator/ Researcher

    Alec Simmons

    Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

  • Collaborators & Friends

    Robert H. Lieberman


    Che Broadnax

    Director/Editor/Camera Operator/Futurist

    Peter Carroll

    Director of Photography - Emeritus

    Matthew Mikkelsen

    Sound Designer/Media Management

    Lang Elliott

    Nature Cinematography & Sound

    Roxi Bahar Hewertson

    Author, Leadership Coach, Speaker

    Scott Hitz



    Camilo Nascimento