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  • Cornell University

    PhotoSynthesis Productions & Cornell University have enjoyed a long, fruitful relationship since 1981.


    From 30-second shorts to long-form features, we produce a wide variety of media for Cornell.

    Cornell Athletics - Thank You

    Created to be shown at the 'World's Most Famous Arena,' Madison Square Garden, during 'The Frozen Apple', the event featured an exciting match-up in College Hockey, where two of our nation's top hockey teams faced off: Cornell University and the University of Michigan.


    Science Olympiad @ Cornell 2019

    Produced for the introduction ceremony for the 2019 Science Olympiad at Cornell University. Features Bill Nye The Science Guy, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick, The Sciencenter, and plenty of natural beauty, all topped of with the musical stylings of the Fall Creek Brass Band!



    This educational video intended for campus training workshops puts a spotlight on ways students can be proactive and preventative in a variety of situations including: social pressure, discrimination, abuse, and mental health.


    Recognized by the Telly Awards as a Silver winner in the social responsibility category! Also screened at the American Public Health Association's Global Public Health Film Festival!


    A Day in the Life of Klarman Hall

    A video diary examining the day-to-day life of one of the University's newest buildings.


    The President's Council

    of Cornell Women

    The President's Council of Cornell Women is an alumnae group working to champion women students, faculty, staff, and alumnae as they lead within their fields at Cornell University and across the world.


    This video features interviews with a diverse group of Cornell women describing their work and interests, including investigating race & social justice in America, cutting-edge scientific research, human society and organization, and many other crucial fields of study.




    CIVIL WARRIORS is a feature film and educational resource about the experiences of two black families from upstate New York -- fathers and sons who enlisted in the United States Colored Troops (USCT) and fought in the American Civil War. Their compelling true story unfolds through a unique interweaving of historical images with the rhythm and energy of spoken word performance. Contemporary narration guides us and provides historical context as the story unfolds.

    “History is not just what we choose to retell.

    History is also what we choose to recover."

    ~Sean Eversley Bradwell



    ThinkWater is a national project sponsored by the USDA and designed by educators, scientists and activists based on research that shows that "meta-thinking" (metacognition or awareness of thinking) is a critical and missing component in education.

    A Little Film About a Big Idea

    An entry-level intro to DSRP Systems Thinking.


    Rethinking Water

    Water is one of the great 21st century challenges.


    ThinkWater Wisconsin

    Learn about WaterThinkers @ U of Wisconsin.